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For over 25 years the Baker School Extended Day Programs have provided a setting where children of different ages, interests, and abilities can grow and learn together. Our programs enrich and complement the regular school day, and are designed for children in kindergarten through grade 7 who are in need of care past the hours of the school day. Our goals are to aid in the social, emotional and physical development of children. We encourage our children to be creative, enjoy nature, to read and enjoy the world of books, and to become decision makers. We want our children to be able to unwind and relax from their school day, and pursue leisure activities of their choice.


We believe each child should feel Extended Day is a home base where they can feel safe and secure, and provided with the nurturing necessary for their age. We hope through our program each child can learn to be respectful to their peers and teachers, cooperative with all, and become caring, responsible individuals.


 **New Schedule Change Forms**

BSED now requires parents to submit Additional Day Requests and Change of Day Requests via our website.


Please visit our FORMS page to submit your requests.


Thank you!

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