About Us


For over 25 years the Baker School Extended Day Programs have provided a setting where children of different ages, interests, and abilities can grow and learn together. Our programs enrich and compliment the regular school day, and are designed for children in the pre-school through grade 6 who are in need of care past the hours of the school day. Our goals are to aid in the social, emotional and physical development of children. We encourage our children to be creative, enjoy nature, to read and enjoy the world of books, and to become decision makers. We want our children to be able to unwind and relax from their school day, and pursue leisure activities of their choice.

We believe each child should feel Extended Day is a home base where they can feel safe and secure, and provided with the nurturing necessary for their age. We hope through our program each child can learn to be respectful to their peers and teachers, cooperative with all, and become caring, responsible individuals.






Sharon Corliss

Sharon has been working with the Baker School Extended Day program for over 30 years. During that time Sharon has seen the program grow from a humble 24 students to the well over 200 students we have enrolled today. In addition to being passionate about providing a safe and enriching environment for the students at BSED, Sharon is also an avid quilter and basket weaver. Born in England, Sharon went to school in Canada and still vacations on Lake Huron during her summers.

IMG_4_8850.JPG Janelle Conway
Assistant Director; First & Second Grade Teacher

Janelle is our resident Dr. of silliness. Her enthusiasm for the lighter side of life is sure to take that frown and turn it upside down. Janelle is an active Zumba instructor and offers frequent Zumba classes for 1st and 2nd grade students proving that you can have fun and get fit all at the same time. Janelle also speaks Spanish and loves flamingos, especially Spanish flamingos!

Katarina_Original Katarina Izakovic
Coordinator – Kindergarten

Katarina has been a teacher with the Kindergarden program for over 18 years. Born in Slovakia, she can speak 4 languages fluently (Slovak, Czech, Russian and English). Katarina loves to run and practice yoga. When she manages to find time to relax, Katarina enjoys curling up with a good book.

IMG_4860 Zach Smith
Coordinator – First & Second Grade

Zach is the program coordinator for our 1st and 2nd grade program. He enjoys playing the piano as well as teaching children how to make short, simple movies. Zach, the parent of 2 children of his own, believes in the importance of ensuring that all of the students in his program arrive knowing that the teachers are happy to see them, that they have a safe and fun place to relax, that the teachers truly value all the ways they are surprising and unique, and that the teachers are listening and interested. In this way Zach hopes to provide each and every student an environment where they can feel engaged and empowered.

lesley Lesley Lake
Coordinator – Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Lesley Lake is the program coordinator for our 3rd-5th grade program. She is a talented artist and is passionate about dance and theatre. Lesley believes that every child is unique and interesting. She enjoys getting to know each one, and creating fun and imaginative environments for them to play and grow within.

Flick_unicorn David Flick
Coordinator – Sixth & Seventh Grade

David is the program coordinator for the 6th and 7th grade program. He graduated from the University of Miami where he studied Motion Pictures and Adolescent Psychology. Utilizing the principles of Positive Youth Development, David hopes to equip students enrolled in BSED with the proper coping skills necessary to ensure resiliency and encourage confidence. During his summers, David is also the head of the Video Department at Creative Arts at Park.

Gail_original Gail Shuttle 
Teacher – Kindergarten

Gail has been a teacher with BSED for the better part of 25 years. When she’s not coming up with fun and creative activities for the students in her program, Gail can often be found helping out with the children’s bell choir at the Littleton First Baptist church. Gail loves to travel and has done several mission trips to exotic locations all over the world. Her personal philosophy on teaching is that sometimes you just have to let children be children.

IMG_2038 Taylor Forgione
Intern – Kindergarten

Taylor is a recent graduate of Newbury College where she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Taylor loves animals, arts and crafts, and cooking. When Taylor isn’t working with the kindergartners of Baker School you can find her in her garden or spending time with her family.

CAIT_FINAL Cait Darling
Teacher –
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Cait works with the 3rd – 5th grade program. In addition to being a practiced guitarist, Cait is also quite crafty and enjoys anything Do-It-Yourself. She is a dog lover and owns two yorkies named Scruffy and Charley.

Andy_FINAL Andy Erickson
Teacher – 
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Andy is our resident human sports encyclopedia in the 3rd-5th grade program. Not only is Andy an avid Red Sox fan, he is also a huge fan of all Boston sports teams. When he’s not practicing his sarcasm on another unsuspecting student, Andy can often be found teaching a fun and active game in the gym. Inspired by countless passionate educators as a youth, Andy hopes to return the favor by being that caring adult in today’s generation of young minds.   Andy also runs our sister Enrichment program.

ian Ian Kennelly 
Teacher –
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

In addition to being a teacher in the 3rd – 5th grade program, Ian is also a professional Artist located in the Fort Point community. You can visit his website and view his artwork at iankennelly.com.

courtney Courtney Lincoln 
Teacher –
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Courtney works with our 3rd – 5th grade team. She attended UMASS Lowell, where she studied psychology and was an active member of the Track and Field team. Outside of B.S.E.D. Courtney enjoys spending time with her dog Nala and is a coach for the Gymnastics team at Brookline High School.

Jen_staff Jen Lindblom 
Teacher – First & Second Grade

Jen teaches with our 1st and 2nd grade program. She loves cooking and experimenting with foods and new recipes with the students at BSED. In addition to being a teacher, Jen is also the mother of a 13 year old boy at the Baker school.

IMG_4873 Jason Rago
Teacher – First &Second Grade

Jason works with our 1st and 2nd graders. He strives to provide a fun and uplifting environment while also encouraging students to make this program their own. Outside of BSED, Jason enjoys all things Patriots and Celtics.

IMG_9095 Mikaela Flynn
Teacher – First & Second Grade

Mikaela’s background is in social work, working with children and families in schools and non-profits throughout Massachusetts and New York. As a mother of one and aunt to many, she has always loved children and enjoys the time she gets to spend with the creative and fun-loving kids at Baker School.  With the first and second graders, you can find her doing arts and crafts, playing card games, and discussing Harry Potter. Her favorite hobbies are reading and traveling.

IMG_1554 Katie Cullinan
Teacher – First & Second Grade

Katie is a part of our enthusiastic first and second grade team. She enjoys singing, improv, yoga and finding various ways of fostering each childs’ creative abilities. You can also spot Katie walking her dog pack (Charlie & Hendrix) around Brookline before teaching at B.S.E.D.

Kevin Long
Teacher – First & Second Grade

Kevin works with the 1st and 2nd grade program. He works to inspire the students of BSED to think creatively and make productive messes. Kevin enjoys long distance running and is an artist working in Dedham. His artwork can be seen at http://babel.massart.edu/~longk

Ariel Auster-Mehr
Teacher – First & Second Grade

Ariel is the newest member of the 1st and 2nd grade team at BSED. Ariel loves board games, arts & crafts, and DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys making jam, hiking, and traveling.

Robert Bobby Uttaro
Teacher – Kindergarten – Fifth Grade

Bobby is our resident “Jack of All Trades”.  He works with all three programs as a substitute and is able to wear any hat.  Bobby is also an aide during the day at the Baker School. He is also a crisis intervention counselor and published author.


IMG_1553 Glennon Montgomery
Teacher – Sixth & Seventh Grade

Glennon is a recent graduate from Arizona State.  His passions include Hip Hop, Creative Writing, Psychology and spreading joy.  Glennon is the newest member of our BSED family.

Mayavati Prabhakar
Teaching Asst. – Sixth & Seventh Grade

Maya is our High School intern.  She assists with group activities and provides extra help during designated homework times.  Mayavati’s interests include improv acting, theatre and opera.