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Winter 2017

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Winter Protocol for BSED Parents

We thought with the chance of some stormy winter weather bearing down upon us, we would just give you a quick run down on what our protocol is concerning our opening and closing on severe weather days.

  • If school is closed in the morning …we will also be closed.

  • If the school runs the full day and then the Superintendent announces there will be “No Afternoon Activities” we will still be open till 4 pm

  • If the Superintendent closes the school during the school day and sends everyone home early (before 2:30 pm)…we will not be open. (This has only happened once in my tenure (30 years) but it could. If this were to happen the school would contact you.)

  • If we feel that staying open will present a danger to any of our members or staff we will contact you with our plans for dismissal.

BUT… If traveling is becoming dangerous….We encourage you to come early OR better yet, have arrangements in place where your child can go home with someone else (from school or in the program) or make arrangements with someone who lives nearby, that we can call, and that would come and take your child to their home. Even though the school will remain open as long as we need it to, the school custodial staff has usually been given permission to leave early and can not do so if we are still in the building. Finally, as dedicated as our staff may be, we would also remind you that many travel a good distance to get here, and we would like then to get home safely. Thank you for planning ahead and stay warm!