Course Catalog

Winter 2018

Registration Deadline: Friday, February 9th

Classes Start: Monday, February 12h

Sponsored by the Baker School Extended Day (617)323-6661



Registration forms must be filled out by the first day of classes. For an easy payment option please use the pay pal option on our website. If you choose to write a check instead, please make checks payable to: Baker School Enrichment Program. Checks may be put in the Enrichment Program mailbox in the Baker School main office or brought directly to BSED. Materials fees are included in tuitions. Register early, as classes have limited enrollment and will be filled on a first-come first- serve basis, unless the class has been designated as a lottery class.


Program Dates

Classes will start Monday, February 12th. Most will run for 8 weeks, unless otherwise indicated by the class description. Classes will be held on early-dismissal days at their regularly scheduled times, but not on school holidays, during school vacation, or on snow days. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather; the schedule allows only one make-up class for weather-related cancellations. All classes cancelled due to instructor absence will be made up. Make-up classes will be scheduled as needed at the conclusion of the course.


Confirmation and Course Cancellation

You should receive an email confirming your online registration. We will contact you only if there is a problem with registration or if the class is cancelled. Class lists and room locations will be posted on the Enrichment bulletin board next to the auditorium prior to the first day of class. We reserve the right to cancel a course for which there is insufficient registration. Every attempt will be made to place a child enrolled in a cancelled class into another class of his/her choice. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds or credit will be given once your child has been registered in an active class.


Arrival and Departure

Students are expected to meet in the cafeteria prior to each class. Neither the Baker School Enrichment Program nor classroom teachers are responsible for transporting students of any age from the classroom to the cafeteria. Enrichment instructors will take attendance at that time and walk the children to their classroom location. Children who attend BSED on the day of their enrichment class should check in at BSED first, and then will be released to the cafeteria to meet their instructor. We strongly encourage parents to discuss with their children the importance of going directly to the cafeteria, remaining with the teacher for the entire length of the class, and waiting for their pick-up person in the classroom (or other specified location) when the class is over. We respectfully ask that parents or guardians responsible for picking up student after class adhere to the enrichment schedule and arrive on time for pick up. The Baker School Enrichment Program reserves the right to remove students from classes if late pick-ups become an issue.



In order to maintain a healthy, productive environment for students enrolled in classes, all children will be required to exhibit appropriate behavior. If an instructor believes that a child is disruptive to the program, the child will be temporarily removed from the class, and the enrichment coordinator will notify his/her parent. If the situation recurs, the child may be removed from the class and excluded from future classes. Any act of violence or dangerous behavior is grounds for the immediate removal of a student from class for the remainder of the session and may result in exclusion from future classes. In such cases we will discuss all circumstances with parents, but in cases of violence or dangerous behavior readmission may not be possible. We kindly ask for your cooperation by communicating these expectations to your child and by enrolling your child only in those classes that are of interest to him/her.


Medical Information and Care

Please note that at the end of the school day the school nurse is no longer on duty. Any scheduled medications or medical needs should be attended to prior to coming to enrichment classes. If an emergency should occur during class time, we will take all necessary steps to handle it as needed.


Request for Additional Information

We encourage families to share information about their child’s needs so that it can be considered by the enrichment instructor and the enrichment coordinator. Please use the provided space in the enrollment form, if needed. Any information regarding the unique needs or learning style of your child is helpful to the instructors as they craft their lessons to suit all students. Please include this information in the “student notes” section of your order.

If your child is absent from school due to illness, we ask that they do not attend Enrichment classes on that day. If a child is going to be absent from an Enrichment class (planned or unplanned) we kindly ask parents to call the Baker School Enrichment Program Director, Andy Erickson at (617) 323-6661.

Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas

We welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for strengthening the Enrichment Program. Please contact Andy Erickson at (617) 323-6661 or email at

Winter Schedule (2018):

Mad Science
The Fine Art of Sewing and Fiber Arts
Video Game Design (3-6) 90 MINUTE CLASS
Once Upon an Art Class
Curious Creatures
Art Medley
Chess Wizards-Checkmate
 Super Sports-Gym Games
Cartooning and Comic Book Creation
Happy Healthy Kids- YOGA-
Lil’ Hoppers: Hip Hop Zumba Fun
Futsal/Soccer Skills
Improv Comedy: All the World’s a Stage
Deilab: Lego
Design, Engineering & Innovation
Classic Dungeons and Dragons

MONDAY thru THURSDAY: 2:40 – 3:40
FRIDAY: 1:45 – 2:45



2/12, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9


2/13, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10 (Early Dismissal)


2/14, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4(Early Dismissal), 4/11


2/15, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/12


2/16, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20

* Classes held on early dismissal days will be held at their regularly scheduled time.



Once Upon an Art Class: The Art of Turning Read Aloud into A Craft– Instructor: Ms. Kaitlin Curran. Mondays 2:40-3:40. Grades K-3. Max Enrollment:10. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $90

Each week students will get the chance to listen to a classic favorite or contemporary story and craft an imaginative art project based on the story to take home. Puppets, storyboards costumes and props are just some of elements that will make each story come alive! The crafts will match with the characters and plot from some of your favorite picture books. Crafting materials include working with clay, painting, collaging, elements from nature, photography and more!


PUDDLESTOMPERS!- Grades K-2. Mondays 2:40-3:40. Max Enrollment-12. Duration 8 weeks. Cost $105

Come explore nature after school! Build homes for chipmunks and collect an acorn feast! Dig in the snow in search of hidden creatures! Investigate why Daddy Longlegs are not spiders! Learn bird calls and go on a migration journey! We will use hands-on exploration activities, active movement and play, crafts, and stories to investigate the natural world around us. We will be outside and moving as we explore and take full advantage of the Baker campus, including the Sanctuary! Students will spend as much time as possible outside, so please bring proper clothing for the Winter weather. Each week, children will bring home a small project and a handout that includes factual information, additional exploration activities, and suggested books and websites. Come discover the wonders of Winter with us!


Cartooning and Comics- Instructor: Brookline Arts Studio. Mondays 2:40-3:40. Grades 3-6. Max Enrollment:12. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $100

Students learn the fundamentals of cartooning and various approaches to visual storytelling by looking at the work of published cartoonists. Each student will have the opportunity to develop their own narrative. By the end of the class, each student develops a working knowledge of character creation, environment design, page layout and visual storytelling through a comic of their own creation.


Curious Creatures- Instructor: Curious Creatures of Boston. Tuesdays 2:40-3:30. Grades K-5. Max Enrollment 16. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost-$125

Join Curious Creatures and their staff of professional exhibitors for an educational program designed to be fun and interesting with an emphasis on teaching respect and appreciation for all animals. Kids will learn about the animals and, if appropriate, they can touch and hold them. We include interesting facts and stories about our creatures in an educational and entertaining environment. Animals shown at a Curious Creatures event will include the following: Alligators, frogs, lizards, arachnids, turtles, rabbits, snakes, chinchillas, flying squirrels, ferrets, bearded dragons and many more!


Mad Science® of South Boston, System 3 “Magic Forces & Flight-Tuesdays 2:40-3:40. Grades 2-5. Max Enrollment-20 Duration- 8 Weeks. Cost- $105

In this “enlightened” program students will not believe their eyes as they examine different optical illusions and watch as light and color interact to trick their sense of sight.  Children will also put their taste buds to the test, learn how we get the “pop” in soda pop and have a “hair raising” experience working with static electricity.  They will explore the science of nutrition and getting healthy in a mission for nutrition, and experience the amazing power of magnetism.  The basics of sound will be uncovered with a cool Mad Science twist that includes the use of a sound machine to distort sound and our voices and experience the incredible power of heat and how it can transform matter.


Yoga-Instructor: H2K- Happy Healthy Kids- Tuesdays 2:40-3:40 (K-3) Max Enrollment-12. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $100

This class is tailored to this specific age group. It is all about learning about what yoga is, where it came from, and how it affects each individual.  We practice traditional yoga poses as well as stretching and moving our bodies in fun and exploratory ways.  In addition to yoga practice, we incorporate games and activities that have yogic themes as well as having a thread of talk about such tenants of yoga as balance, harmony, compassion, and acceptance of ourselves and other.


Zumba Kids!- Instructor:H2K Children’s Fitness. Wednesdays: 2:40-3:40. Grades K-3. Max Enrollment:15. Duration:8 weeks. Cost-$100.

Join H2K for Zumba Kids Cardio Dance! We will be movin’, groovin’ and working up a sweat . Each class will be a combination of dancing, games, and musical obstacle courses. We will end each class with healthy goals and meditation. Cardio Dance combines fast and slow rhythms for children in grades K-3 using an aerobic/fitness approach. With a combination of dance, games, and peer performance. Students will learn leadership, respect, team work, pride, confidence, responsibility, coordination, balance, and given the opportunity to express their inner creativity.

(Please visit for more information on H2K)


Art Medley- Instructor: Brookline Arts Studio. Wednesdays 2:40-3:40. Grades K-3. Max Enrollment:12. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $100

Let your creativity close with the opportunity to try a variety of materials and art styles! Children experiment in sculpture, printmaking, painting and more for unique and exciting creations.


Karate- Instructor: Ms. Marissa Cimino. Wednesdays 2:40-3:25. Grades K-4. Max Enrollment- 20. Duration:8 weeks. Cost $115
This course helps kids develop self-confidence by teaching the discipline, self-respect, self-defense, and physical conditioning that are hallmarks of the martial arts.

(Sensei Marisa Cimino began her training in 1990 under Sensei James True. She holds a 4th degree Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and 3rd degree black belt in Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons. In addition to teaching children’s programs, Sensei Marisa instructs at the Shorin Ryu Karate Academy in Waltham.)


The Fine Art of Sewing and Fiber Arts- Instructor: Carol Price. Thursdays 2:40-3:40. Grades K-3. Max Enrollment: 10. Duration 8 weeks. Cost $95.

This class will have you in stitches! Explore the wonderful world of sewing! Starting with the basic techniques of sewing your child will design their own projects with the goal to take a new creation home each week. As the session progresses, so will their skills as they gradually learn more advanced stitching and processes. Projects will include pillows, tote bags, puppets, wallets and more! No previous experience needed.

(Carol Price has taught sewing and fiber arts to children for years. She has taught classes at The Eliot School, The Schecter School, The Amigo School, The Citizen School and more.)


Futsal/Soccer Skills- Instructor-Be Ahead of the Game w/ Brian Tully. Thursdays 2:40-3:40pm. Grades 3-6. Duration-6 Weeks. Max Enrollment-12. Cost- $110.00

Futsal is a great way to for soccer players to develop their foot skills and plays an important role in keeping players sharp over the winter months. Our program is the perfect place for players that are looking for a fun, competitive game with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Training Sessions are for players who are looking to develop their foot skills, gain confidence, and develop a better understanding of the game. Our highly-qualified coaches do a great job of making each player feel welcome. Each player will always have a ball at their feet, and are guaranteed to learn new moves that they can continue to develop at home. This is perfect for players who want to play soccer in a pressure free zone with the overall goal to get better, and most importantly have fun!


Deilab- Lego-Design, Engineering & Innovation- 90 MINUTE CLASS! Thursdays 2:40- 4:40. Grades:(3-6) Max enrollment-15. Duration- 8 weeks. Cost-$130

DEILAB is an Applied STEM|STEM LAB where we use LEGO as medium to teach students of all ages about design, engineering, innovation, and the gift of failure. DEILAB’s hands-on after school programs are sure to delight students and allow them to exercise their brains with each class.

DEILAB innovation labs are based on engineering artistic, and architectural concepts. Each session is divided into a learning, designing, building, innovation and challenge modules. The environment is loose, high energy and fun. Our approach ignites our students imagination and channels their creative energy productively helping them problem solve in a setting where they are empowered to take control of their learning experience.

Visit for more information on the DEILAB program.

Please check out the links below for video examples of this exciting new class!

  • DIELAB on 3!
  • Unexpected Innovators:
  • The Calculus Project at Cathedral:


CHESS WIZARDS-Checkmate- Instructor: Chess Wizards. Thursdays 2:40-3:40 Grades K-5, Max Enrollment- 20. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $135

Whether you’re a chess master or a novice, you’ll enjoy this class. Instructors arrive in full Chess Wizard costume ready to add maximum fun to the game of chess. Chess Wizards is a premier chess education company providing fun, informative and challenging chess lessons to students. Chess Wizards teaches children many important life concepts, such as learning the ability to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity and sportsmanship. Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have had the chance to participate in a mini-chess tournament.

Please check out the following video link for more information on the Chess Wizards or visit their website at


Super Sports-Gym Games for Grades K-2- Instructor: FAST Athletics. Fridays 1:45-2:45.Grades K-2. Max Enrollment: 16. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $95

Get up, get going, get active with a F.A.S.T. Athletics Super Sports Program.  F.A.S.T. Athletics will offer a variety of sports each week such as: Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Dodge ball, Baseball, and Kickball.  Programs will include proper stretching and warm-up games as well as learning basic skills of each sport, each class will end with a high energy game with the sport played that day.


“Improv Comedy: All the World’s a Stage!”- Instructor: Kevin Smith. Fridays 1:45-2:45. Grades 3-6. Max Enrollment:12. Duration:8 weeks. Cost $115

This class uses improvisational theatre to have fun, and build focus. Your child will explore different improv and dramatic techniques and use them to develop quick thinking and comedic timing. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their start using improv as a foundation for stage presence and comfort in front of a group. This class is perfect for all skills levels, from the natural “ham,” to a child that would like to build a higher comfort level in front of a group. All students will be allowed to work at their own comfort level as they build confidence. If you love to laugh while you learn, give this class a try!


Video Game Design- Instructor: EMPOW Studios. Fridays 1:45-3:15 (90 Minute Class). Grades 3-6. Max Enrollment:12. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $230

Go from gamer to designer. Kids love playing video games, but they have even more fun playing games designed by them and their friends! One of Empow Studios’ most popular classes, Video Game Design encompasses storytelling, pixel art, and object-oriented programming, all through a user-friendly, 2D game design platform. Our non-violence policy keeps the games cringe-free and shareable once the kids bring their games home for you to play! Learn more about Empow Studios at


Digital Dungeons & Dragons “Wrath of the Goblin King”- Instructor: David Flick. Fridays 1:45-2:45. Grades 4-8. Max Enrollment: 10. Duration: 8 weeks. Cost $80

Are you a fan of “Stranger Things”? Curious about the tabletop game that inspired the show? Check out Dungeons and Dragons! In this class students will learn the basics of turn-based role-playing using the original game format created in 1974. From character creation to exploring the vast world of Dungeons & Dragons, each week students will use their imagination and problem solving skills to adventure their way to glory, and most importantly, loot.

Adventure Summary:

A mysterious witch… A kidnapped noble… A trapped Demon… Continue on the adventure to discover what is behind these strange occurrences.  As you step through the portal you find yourself in a desolate dungeon.  Long since abandoned, the hollow chambers echo with the sound of whistling wind and dripping water.  You are alone… or are you?

This is an introductory/intermediate adventure and will take characters from level 4 – level 6. We will be using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rule set.